So keeping track of projects and tasks can get a bit challenging in a church. I’ve seen…

🟨 post-it notes
✉️ emails
😬 spreadsheets
📒 notepads

… all kinds of things people are using to try and get stuff done.

The problem with those methods is lack of visibility and keeping things from falling through the cracks! Have you ever jotted something down or gotten a list of stuff in an email and completely forgotten about it? I sure have!

So how can you actually track the tasks that need to get done, who needs to do them, when they are due, and which tasks have already been completed?

Enter Planner and Tasks, part of Microsoft 365 that should already be available to your church via the Microsoft Tech for Social Impact donations!

Screenshot of a Microsoft 365 Planner task board

Getting started is super easy, it’s just four steps:

  1. The best place to start is to open up Microsoft Teams and head over to a relevant team.
  2. Next, hit the plus button on the ribbon to add a tab/app.
  3. Add the “Tasks by Planner and To Do” app.
  4. Now you can add some new buckets and inside each bucket you can create tasks complete with due dates as well as assign users!

Bonus: you can download the Microsoft To Do app on your phone or computer to keep track of things you are working on (and even see your flagged emails)!

It’s so much easier to stay focused and keep things getting done when everything is visible and responsibility for tasks is clearly delegated.

Moving forward, Planner can get tasks automatically created based on specific conditions via Microsoft Power Platform, like if a new member is added to your ChMS database, you can create a task for a staff member to call them. 😱

Those are my five biggest takeaways from having read The Social Church, want to talk more about engaging your congregation and community digitally? Book a meeting with me.