Microsoft 365 On Easy Mode

Thousands of professionals around the world trust Geekout Technologies to implement and manage their Microsoft 365 solutions.

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Make the world’s leading cloud based collaboration platform fit your organization.

Microsoft 365 is world class, but it isn’t entirely secure, compliant, or optimally configured out of the box. Nor does Microsoft provide tailoring of M365 to the way your organization operates or train your staff. Geekout fills in the gaps for you.

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Managing the Microsoft cloud can be tough, Geekout helps

Better Management for Your M365

Migrating to and configuring Microsoft 365 is just the beginning, Geekout helps keep everything secure, compliant, backed up, and efficient. We add the scripts and third party apps to supercharge your Microsoft 365 cloud.

Microsoft 365

We know our way around the hundreds of configuration settings and set them according to industry best practices.


Apply settings to your computers that automate things for your team and protect your data.


Keeping your team safe by complying with CIS IG1 controls in the cloud and on devices.

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Team On/Off-Boarding

We provide hassle free on-boarding and basic IT orientation for that perfect new team member you’ve found.


Experienced technology support to help your team resolve IT issues.


We can take care of major additions, office moves, and data migration. We can also source hardware like laptops and desktops.

M365 in your organization

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Our team has not only been implementing Microsoft 365 solutions in SMBs, Social Enterprises, Churches, and Nonprofits, but we have held leadership positions in each category and understand the implementation strategies to meet organizational goals.


Your team can reach higher levels of efficiency and effectiveness through communications, collaboration, automation, and advanced AI.

Social Enterprise

Want to help stakeholders while continuing to expand? Learn how partnering with Geekout sets up your Microsoft cloud to help you focus on your mission.


Microsoft offers generous cloud donations to nonprofits, but very few nonprofits have the in-house expertise or experience to migrate to M365 or configure it to support the nonprofit’s mission.


The church has historically been an early adopter of technologies; however, many churches today have fallen behind when it comes to migrating to cloud despite churches receiving generous M365 donations. Learn how catching up can help your church thrive in an era of decreasing church attendance.

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