Is church attendance the right measurement of church health?


Wow, Singapore has really relaxed the covid restrictions over the past week! 😎

According to the MCCY’s release today, no more group size limitations and vaccinated differentiation in services has been lifted!

Excited Memes

This is all great news, but I want to offer a word of caution:

Attendance at a worship service should never

be the primary sign of church health. 😱

We’ve all seen it, people that have attended church for 50 years before they actually made Christ their Lord and committed to following him. I’ve even met pastors that ministered for decades before they mad Christ their Lord! 😖

That’s just to say, attending by itself ≠ a life defined by allegiance to Christ… I don’t know about you, but as a pastor, as much as I want to see growing attendance, I want to see discipleship growing all the more! 🤔

So what should we keep looking at now that restrictions on in-person services are largely lifted? Movement along a discipleship pathway! 📈

Here are some example indicators:

  • 🤝 Involvement in a small/care/cell group
  • 📖 Joining Christian Ed. courses
  • 😁 Volunteering in a ministry
  • 🤽 Baptisms
  • 💰 Giving

This week, I encourage you to decide on a few things you expect from maturing Christians in your congregation that you will use as indicators of your church or ministry’s health. 💪

But don’t stop there, use your church management system (ChMS) to help you automatically track, list, and contact people to keep them moving along in their discipleship journey. 🤖

Need help choosing or tuning your ChMS to help your church advance discipleship? Book a meeting with me.

Isaac Johnson

As the founder of Geekout Technologies I help churches and nonprofits adopt and manage cloud technology so that staff can collaborate, members can be engaged, and data is protected.

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