Check-in kiosks and the PDPA

Hello Everyone,

Given that churches in Singapore have the unique challenges of complying with the PDPA, I thought it would be good to put together a quick video pointing out a common issue churches will face when employing a self-checkin solution via their church management system (ChMS).

In short, if you allow people to go up and initiate searches then it’s considered a data breach because PDPA considers just having a name shown from the database to be a breach. It only becomes worse when phone numbers, ages, dates of birth, addresses, and phone numbers also get pulled up via a search that anyone can utilize.

We recommend testing for yourself with your check-in system like we did with the default RockRMS settings. Pretend to be someone from the public and try to find people and their data via your church check-in kiosk solution.

Isaac Johnson

Isaac has been in professional ministry since 2002, holds an M.Div. from Moody, and his goal is to equip churches to reach digital natives.

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