New Cloud Storage Options

Why should you consider cloud-based backup? Consider these statistics:

  • Between 70% to 90% of businesses who lose data due to catastrophe, hacking, or hardware failure close within 12 months.
  • Shocking as that is, more than 60% close within 6 months.
  • 6% of computers will have a catastrophic data loss.
  • 40% of data loss is due to hardware failure.
  • 29% of data loss is due to human error.
  • Companies who don’t resume normal operations within 10 days will close within a year.
  • The cost of data loss is estimated to be $200 USD per record.
  • Viruses and malware are a major contributing factor to data loss and lost working hours and sometimes recovery is only possible with a backup or costly ransom.

As frightening as that is, it is fairly cheap to insure yourself or your organization against data loss by making use of cloud-based backup. Since cloud-based backup is not only offsite, but geographically separate, it allows organizations to return to work quickly in the event of any major data loss at the primary work site.

Isaac Johnson

As the founder of Geekout Technologies I help churches and nonprofits adopt and manage cloud technology so that staff can collaborate, members can be engaged, and data is protected.

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