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Every month we’ll make sure your computer meets important settings recommendations from Microsoft, CIS, CISA, FBI, NSA, CERT, and more!

    In an increasingly digital world, churches have a lot of dangers to contend with:

    • Hacking syndicates increasingly targeting churches.
    • Windows is not configured for security by default.
    • Configuring Windows for security requires knowledge of complex PowerShell commands and/or Intune expertise.
    • You never know if volunteers or staff have cut security corners.
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    Imagine the repercussions if your church’s sensitive data was breached!

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    • Member information, financial records, and sensitive emails exposed to criminals.
    • The mockery and loss of trust from the local community.
    • Theft and/or ransom resulting in large financial losses.
    • Loss of staff time and large expenditure to recover from the breach.

    The stress of explaining the situation to your congregation, and the potential damage to your church’s reputation – it’s a nightmare scenario that diverts you from your true mission.

    Help protect your church with our free Microsoft Windows configuration service.

    • We keep up with settings recommendations from CIS and Microsoft.
    • We check for and regularly push recommended settings on your systems.
    • Hidden protections that should be on by default are enabled.
    • All you need to do is run a single install command.


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    Focus on leading your congregation, and let us handle the complexities of IT security.

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